Pro Golfers Attempt Fastest Hole Of Golf To Set World Record

It is always fun to see pro golfers outside of their normal realm of tournament competition play.

In the video above, three countries on the European Tour engaged in a challenge with the Guinness World Records to hold the title for the faster hole of golf by a team of four ever played. The three countries to take on this challenge are England, France, and South Africa. It is obvious these pros golfers are having a great time, making it very enjoyable to watch. They are all running around the course, prepping for their shot as quickly as they possibly can. Each golfer sets their feet and hits the ball the second it stops rolling, trying to cut out as much time needed as possible. Below is a recap of the challenge.

The hole is over 500 yards long and the first player hits the drive shot, followed by the second player hitting the shot to the green from the fairway. The last two players are on the green to get the ball putted in as quickly as possible to end the hole.

The time to beat is 34.8 seconds.

France gets first attempt at beating this record and appears to be on pace to do so until their putt rims out of the hole. They did not end up finishing the hole until about fifty-five seconds. Following France, South Africa gets their crack at the record. They play great, beating the record by almost two seconds. Finally England gets their turn, knowing they have to beat South Africa for the title. They play a great hole and beat the existing record as well. It all comes down to the Guinness World Record officials figuring out if South Africa or England holds the new record.

After discussions, the Guinness World Record officials announce England as the new record holders for the faster four man team ever to play a hole of golf. England beat out South Africa for the record by only a fraction of a second! The individual players for team England to claim the world record were Ian Poulter, Tyrrell Hatton, Matthew Southgate, and Matt Fitzpatriock. The event took play in Belek Antalya, Turkey. The record breaking performance took place on October 31st, 2017.

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