Callaway Apex Irons Review

As a handicapper, irrespective of your level, having a good iron is key to your success on the field. One of the top line of irons is the Callaway Apex. Just a couple of years ago, Callaway's irons were bloated and redundant. The manufacturer only had a few uninspired iron options for the experienced players and had focused their attention on the game improvement market instead of producing all-round irons. Years later, the lineup has transformed a great deal. Besides the holdover X forged that was released a few years ago, the manufacturer has added two new lines, the Apex and the X2 Hot.

Overall Rating:  4.8

Design and Technology – 4.7 Stars

Looks and feel – 5 Stars

Performance – 4.9 Stars

Forgiveness – 4.4 Stars


  • The thin face enhances ball speed and, therefore, gives you a long distance
  • The irons feel crisp and easy to use
  • Has a low center of gravity, which increases the forgiveness of the club, making it ideal for low-level handicappers
  • thumbs-o-up
    Looks great and feels comfortable during use
  • thumbs-o-up
    It gives consistent spins at all times


  • Most irons are ideal for low level handicappers only and not good for game improvement

Key Features

  • The Callaway Apex sports an ultra-hot face made thinner to increase ball speed irrespective of the part of the face the handicapper is using to hit the ball.
  • Made of forged carbon steel to deliver a soft and responsive feel just as players would demand of a forged club.
  • Features tungsten sole inserts to lower center of gravity and maximize forgiveness while enhancing the launch angles.
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    Made of a wide groove that offers high performance. It allows a more consistent spin and also gives pinpoint control with every lie.
  • check-square-o
    Features a stock grip that feels comfortable to the hands of the golfer.

These five main features allows these irons to perform exemplary irrespective of the experience level of the player. Their forgiveness also sets the irons apart. Even before you learn how to hold the irons the right way, you will likely have great shots.

Product Review

Design and Technology – 4.7 Stars

The multi-material construction of the Callaway Apex Irons offers a great advantage over other irons on the market. The body of the irons are forged from soft carbon steel while the face sports a thinner and stronger carpenter steel, the exact material that X-Hot line of woods is forged from. The thickness of the face differs from one club to the next to optimize the speed of the ball and to enhance distance.

Behind the face, each club is fitted with a plastic insert. This plastic ensures that the club flexes upon impact and this increases the ball speed even more while dampening vibrations. Such a design is seen on other clubs such TaylorMade SpeedBlade. With the Callaway Apex, the design has been improved to let you shoot for long distances. Unlike other clubs, Callaway Apex has a deep cavity behind its face filled with the soft plastic insert. This is different from other brands that cut through the sole to inject the polymer. By having a cavity instead of a cut, the club will have a lower center of gravity and this makes it easier to use.

Each of the long Callaway Apex irons, between 3 and 5, feature a tungsten insert on its sole. This lowers the center of gravity further, letting you launch the ball higher. The insert features two tungsten screws bored into the sole with the cover that hides them being flush. These screws are not easily noticeable and dirt cannot collect on the crevices.

Each Callaway Apex iron sports a wide groove with a lot of space between each groove. According to Callaway, the wide grooves are meant to offer you consistent spins from a number of lies. This increases the performance of the irons by giving you great control. The good thing with these clubs is that they let you hit the ball a mile – even experienced golfers will need a club that does that much.

Looks and Feel – 5 Stars

The Callaway Apex irons are as clean and crisp as you will ever find. When looking at them against other forged cavity-back irons, the clubs are a sight for sore eyes. These clubs sport a frosted satin chrome finish all along their length, which gives them an enthralling look. At the back, the clubs have two distinctive features – the stick-on badge and the plastic filling undercut, which further add to the esthetics of the irons.

The unique black filling looks like it might slide around, but it fits into the cavity's center. The plastic feels firm and lasts long. When tapped with a fingernail, the plastic sounds metallic.

On the club is a horizontal groove that carves into the muscle in a bid to move some weight around. This is the groove that makes the plastic look like it is sliding around clubhead's back. The plastic badge and feels a little cheap especially when compared to the plastic filling. While it gives the club a gorgeous look, an improvement might be needed.

At address, the club looks great even though carpenter steel face offers less contrast against a similarly textured clubhead. Callaway has done a commendable job hiding the cavity back and maintaining the sleekness of this clubhead.

Performance – 4.9 Stars

The Callaway Apex will give you quite a workout irrespective of the size you choose. If you consider the long irons as a strength, the irons will give you a great shot. When using the clubs, they make you feel comfortable and this forces you to hit a lot of shots. When hitting the long irons to the green, the Callaway Apex will still give you great performance. This is especially true when you have to work your tee shots both ways due to tight fairways and overhanging trees.

The Apex lets you hit the ball farther than you ever would. This is attributed to the strong lofts that the unit features, which are about 2 degrees lower than most irons on the market. When using the long irons, they launch high, this makes them ideal for starters and for game improvement.

The soft feel of the irons is buttery smooth and this enhances the performance even farther. The feel is not done and does not unnecessarily miss hits. The soles of the shoe strike an awesome balance between ease of use and forgiveness.

Forgiveness - 4.4 Stars

Each of the parts of the Callaway Apex lowers the center of gravity of the club to make them more forgiving and easy to use. With a lower center of gravity, the clubs give you great control and make it easy for you to hit the sweet spot. While you might lose a short distance on heel and the toe strikes, the clubs are highly forgiving.

They are particularly great for players who are just starting out and need great irons to master the game and hit the sweet spot. Generally, the irons offer impressive playability.

Callaway Apex  Irons Specifications

Callaway Apex irons are still relatively expensive. Though the clubs have slimmed the 'most-expensive gold brand' title that existed a few years ago, you will still be paying a higher price for the clubs. Even with the premium price, Callaway is highly flexible with what they offer. The company offers 3, 4 and 5 irons up to PW, SW or AW. Graphite shafts carry a premium price.

The irons are offered with very string lofts – up to 45 degrees for PW and 19 degrees for 3-iron. If you are used to different kinds of lofts, you might have to make modifications in your gaming.

The Callaway Apex irons feature the True Temper's recent XP 95 shaft. The shaft is light and may not impress some handicappers in the way they feel. Callaway has a horde of custom shafts, most which are made of steel. They include offerings from KBS, Project X, True Temper, AeroTech, and Nippon. They also have graphite shafts from Mitsubishi Rayon and UST. When shopping, you might want to look at the long list of shafts to get the best.

How Does It Compare?

TaylorMade M1 Irons

TaylorMade is known for employing the latest technology in their golf clubs and the Taylormade M1 irons attest to this. The M1s are small and sleek versions of TaylorMade M2 irons. They are ideal for all levels of players just like the Callaway Apex irons.

They are ideal irons when you need to move from the cavity backs, but still need forgiveness. Unlike the Callaway Apex, which has cavity at the back, the Taylormade M1 has a cut on which a plastic filling is fitted. While this affects their center of gravity negatively, the forgiveness of the clubs still remain high. The clubs fit somewhere between cavity backs and forged heads. Their relatively thick face makes them much easier to hit compared to blades such as Callaway Apex irons.

The design of the irons is much more like the Apex except for the clubhead. It has a thin topline, which makes it look sleek. The heads of the units start small on wedges and end up big with the clubs. If you are in need of speed, the M1 and the Apex are rivals. The tungsten weight at the toe on each irons allow them to launch high and give you great speed. Each of these clubs are customizable, allowing you to use them on different settings.

TaylorMade P770 Irons

The TaylorMade P770 Irons are designed with sleek angles and lines. Although they are forged irons, they have a thin and clean look that mirrors that of the Callaway Apex. Besides the great looks, the clubs offer great playability and forgiveness. They are designed for low to mid handicap golfers, and are for the average offer unlike the Callaway Apex that will fit almost every golfer. The design of the irons make them ideal when you need to shape the golf ball without over spinning. Shot shaping is a great and delicate task – the Apex has not been able to achieve that.

The 3 – 7 irons are fitted with tungsten bar, which lowers the center of gravity and makes the long irons easy to hit. The clubs are workable and more forgiving just like the Apex. If you are not comfortable with blade irons such as the Callaway Apex, this might be a good choice for you.

Each iron features a thin topline with a classic shape all the way. Though the shape is not as sleek as the Callaway Apex, it still looks sleek. The head of their golf clubs sport a modest size – with the PW at 46 degrees.

Srixon Z355 Irons

The Srixon Z355 Irons features a cavity back design just like the Callaway Apex. With this design, the iron is designed to lower center of gravity and enhance the forgiveness of the iron. In this Callaway Apex Irons review, this is the most closely related iron. If you are not looking to shape the ball, but need an iron that is easier to use and gives great forgiveness, the Srixon Z355 Irons is a great choice for you. It is heavier than the Callaway Apex, but still gives you the same control for ease of use and enhanced performance.

The iron looks and feels great just like the Callways Apex. It is designed to launch the ball high and give you long distances, making it an iron for starters as well as those who need to improve their game. Its large cavity-back and its weighted head makes it heavy and lowers the center of gravity further for more forgiveness.

Like the Apex, it has a wide sole that prevents the club from digging the ground and prevents spinning. This is a great feature for amateur golfers. Its patented technology, Tour V.T. Sole, make the irons great in every lie. The clubface has a large sweet spot. This means you will not be penalized for not hitting the sweet spot. While it is relatively challenging to shape shots, the iron gives you the same distance as the Apex. Long off the tee, these irons are great, are forgiving, and look great at address.